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Wood Stove Patented 76001 

Product Code : 76001

This patented wood and charcoal stove is useful for baking, frying pan as well as boiling kettle.  
• The main body is sized 320X330X340mm 9.15kg;
• 3 segments of chimny each of 300mm totall 820mm diameter of 58mm, with a top hood keeping ash from escape, weight of 1.9kg;  
• 2 baking trays in diameter of 265mm and thickness of 3mm, weight of 1.4kg each;  
• char grill grate inside sized 245X180mm, made up of 8X8 bars in diameter of 5.5mm, weight of 0.73kg;hook of 380mm long in diameter
of 8.5mm, weight of 0.275kg; 4 poles that can be screwed onto main body, each of 260mm diameter of 21mm, holding stove main body
230mm above floor, each in weight of 0.26kg;  
•  top opening of stove: 210mm in diameter; front door: 185mm in diameter.  
•  total net weight of 16kg.
The complete set is compactly packaged, with a sturdy carrying bag.
Working with our wonderful beer openers, they make your events glamorous!

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