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Million times to know the temple hand for the market feel the warm handicrafts.

Core tip: Handicrafts, has always been a part of the culture can not be skipped, different from the industrial production, each handicraft because of the labor of the hands, are unique.
Handicrafts, has always been a part of the culture can not be skipped, different from the industrialized production, each handicraft because of the labor of the hands, are unique. And it has the artistry and the innovation of it also no lack of functionality and decorative, can be described as a fun and convenient life for a class of goods.

Where can I buy handicrafts? In addition to traditional stores, shops, and even today's networks, handicrafts can be found in the early days of the market, and this is the best way to reach them. When you are in it, the feeling that you can find surprises at any time is absolutely something you can't ask for.


Million times to know Grace Temple

Not long ago Our line of people came to the million-way temple in Kyoto, Japan, and experienced the most famous and only one-month-old hand market in Kyoto.


Million times know the temple hand as the bazaar

Perhaps you are curious about why the temple has a "million times". This to the 14th century, the legend of the region at that time plague, the eighth generation of the Abbot of the Temple of good Assiller in the temple million times, this carried out for seven days, and then the epidemic is no longer popular, so the temple was given the "million times." Interestingly, when you go into the market, you will find that the monks in the temple are still doing their own thing, and the bazaar two not harass, harmonious coexistence.

The market is rich in content, pottery, flowers, potted, wooden, iron, cloth, clothing and a variety of creative small handmade in which not only have cups, dishes, teapots, bags this kind of life supplies, as well as earrings, necklaces, brooches, such as ornaments, there are some lovely handmade ornaments.


The device for placing the mosquito-repellent incense is very interesting for the first time.


A handmade little house in an old iron box.


Hand-pinched animal ornaments, full of state.


Many a lot of handmade animal ornaments.

Shopping here, do not need to worry about language problems, because each product is a price tag, do not need to bargain, to each other simply to indicate this is what you want. However, it should be noted that some stalls are prohibited to take pictures, in order to avoid unpleasant, it is recommended to first look at the booth logo.


Lively bazaar scene.


This trip may take two hours, or even more, but your harvest will not be less, just to watch everyone's work can be eye-opening. You can feel each person's passion and devotion from every object, and you can also feel their distinctive wisdom, and it is these crystallization of wisdom that brings us more beauty and pleasure, warms each of us, and warms the world.
It is 15th every month, eight o'clock to four o'clock in the afternoon, but stalls are leaving at three.
Traffic information:
Taking the Metro Kyoto Station as a starting point, you can take Jr Nara line to East Si station, after switching to Keihan line to three stations, after getting off the mobile phone map to find the way to the temple, if you want to reduce the walk continue to ride, you need to transfer bus 56/56a line from three Keihan line to millions of stops, and then follow the mobile map search road.

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